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Tip: Putting links in your sidebar

2 Sep 2008

Go to your dashboard. Click > Design. Click > Widgets.

Add “Links” to your sidebar. SAVE CHANGES!

Click > Write. Click > Link.

Add new links here, one at a time.

By creating a new category, you will create a new subheading for a list of links. The default subheading is “Blogroll.” If you link to sites that are not blogs, why not create a new subheading for them?


First day with our WP blogs

2 Sep 2008

Today each student set up a new blog to use in this course.

I showed a PowerPoint, which you can download or view as a PDF (1.8 MB).

After class, I e-mailed the students with a link to an outline of what we covered today on

Don’t forget to delete the “Hello, World” post!


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