Your first blog post (graded!)

4 Sep 2008

It’s your blog. You can post whatever you want to … I hope it fits the focus of your blog, though!

On Tuesday at 10 a.m., I’m going to capture your MOST RECENT blog post. The one at the top of your blog’s home page.

That is the post Curt or I will grade for your Blog Post # 1.

It needs to be a real blog post that meets the criteria given on the online syllabus. Good headline. At least one good link. Correct mechanics, including AP style. Etc., etc. READ THE ASSIGNMENT. And suitable to the focus of your blog, as we have already discussed.

Some of you have asked me if you can or should post an INTRODUCTORY POST. That could mean many things. If your so-called introductory post does not meet the assignment criteria, then post a NEWER post that does meet them.

If you have not sent me your blog’s URL before 10 a.m. Tuesday, your first blog post will be graded 0 (because I won’t know where to find it). You can send it now — I’m not grading anything till Tuesday.


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