Blog maintenance check list

4 Oct 2008

Make sure you are tending to your blog:

  1. Your blogroll: I already told you about this in class. Make sure you have linked at least two relevant blogs (relevant to the topic of YOUR blog) in your blogroll. Make sure you have deleted the link there to WordPress.org. You may keep the link to WordPress.com.
  2. Your sidebar(s): Use the widgets in WordPress to configure your sidebar.
  3. Your “About” page: I told you this in class last week. Every WordPress blog comes with an About page already written. Naturally, you look like an idiot if you still have the default About page. So FIND the About page and EDIT IT so that it is about YOU and YOUR BLOG. Also, make sure there is a LINK to your About page on your blog.
  4. Tags and categories: You have been writing your blog for four weeks now. You should be able to come up with suitable tags and/or categories for your posts now. Do so. Also, GO BACK to each one of your old posts and EDIT them so that you can add appropriate tags and/or categories to EACH POST. Do this by Friday, Oct. 10. REMOVE all category links to “Uncategorized.”

Learn about tags and categories:

Make good decisions based on YOUR OWN blog.


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