Have you tried Delicious?

5 Oct 2008

Delicious is a site where you can save and share bookmarks. This enables you to access your Web bookmarks from any computer, anywhere. It also allows you to TAG each bookmark with MULTIPLE tags, making it easier to find your stuff later. (If you bookmark a lot in your Web browser, have you noticed it is hard to find the sites you bookmarked later? They get lost!)

You can sign up (free) and start bookmarking today. You can also look at other people’s bookmarks — except the ones they have selected not to share. For example, you can see all my bookmarks. Or you can see bookmarks I have tagged specifically —

One of the most useful and powerful features of Delicious is that you can build a personal network of people who bookmark stuff you like. My Delicious network is made up of people who are involved with online journalism. Their links point me to great stuff I might otherwise miss.

You can also look at others’ networks — for example, the Delicious network of Joe Weiss, the guy who invented Soundslides. Or, say, Joe’s bookmarks tagged Soundslides. (Are you getting the idea now?) A network is a useful thing.

One more useful way to harness the power of shared bookmarks: See EVERYONE’S bookmarks tagged Soundslides AND tutorial.



  1. […] new post I wrote about Delicious bookmarking is here, on a blog for my current crop of online journalism students. The post gives some examples that I […]

  2. Delicious has proved to be a great tool for blogging anywhere. It doesn’t matter on what computer I am in, I can save any link that I find useful to come and use it in a post later.

  3. I’ve come to rely on Delicious to save and sort hundreds of story and blog ideas. It has become my electronic filing cabinet.

    My one complaint has been site performance. In recent weeks, it has often been unavailable. I’ve tried emailing for help, but can’t get a message through.

    It’s much like the NYT piece Sunday noting problems with Gmail, http://tinyurl.com/3nrej3

    As we begin to rely on these sites we become more vulnerable to service outages. Reliability becomes crucial.

    I still love Delicious, but if problems persist, I’ll have to look for a substitute.

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