What to do between Oct. 7 and Oct. 14

7 Oct 2008

Here’s what you need to COMPLETE between today (after class) and next Tuesday when you arrive in class:

  • Read Kern, Chapter 6. It will help you edit a good story.
  • Edit your OWN audio file. I expect each student’s audio to be different from that of his or her teammates.
  • Edit your OWN selection of photos. I expect each student’s set of photos to be somewhat different from that of his or her teammates.
  • Write a caption for EACH photo using “File Info” in Photoshop. Carefully copy-edit all of your captions! Captions will certainly be unique for each student.

There are three links to tutorials on the Week 8 page that will help you with these tasks.

MAKE SURE that you have a ratio of at least one photo per 5 seconds of audio (90 sec. = 18 photos; 120 sec. = 24 photos).

Notice that all of these points are INDIVIDUAL work. Each person on your team needs to come to class with his or her OWN audio file and his or her OWN set of edited photos.

In addition, your TEAM needs to bring in the list of all sources and resources. Don’t forget that!

Please read the Project 2 assignment carefully.

You do not need to do anything with Soundslides, the program, before class on Oct. 14. If your photos and audio are ready to go, you will be able to complete the Soundslides DURING the lab period.


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