First ‘Many Eyes’ dataset

2 Nov 2008

The first step is to find a data set. Then clean it up in Excel so you can copy and paste it easily into Many Eyes.

Wait, I lied — FIRST, you have to register with Many Eyes. Do that immediately, because there may be a delay.

On the Upload Data page at Many Eyes, there is a simple illustration of how you will select the cells to copy in Excel (it’s in Step 1 there). After you have pasted your selection, you’ll see whether it looks correct (under Step 3). Next, you’ll type in a TITLE for your dataset, the source, a URL, and some tags. Finally, you will click Upload (at the bottom of the page).

After your dataset has been uploaded, you will select a visualization based on the story you want to tell with these data.

For convenience’ sake, I set up a Topic Hub called JOU 4341 class work. After you upload a dataset or create a visualization, ADD IT to ths Topic Hub so we can all find it easily.


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