How to make a screenshot

15 Nov 2008

Some students have mentioned that they do not know how to capture an image from the computer screen. This is not hard to do, and it comes in handy.

Your first step when you don’t know how to do something should always be — Google! 😀 In this case, I Googled:

screenshot tutorial

I also tried:

how to make a screenshot

The top hit might not be the best tutorial out there, so make sure you glance at several before you settle down with one to learn.

These two tutorials (Windows and Mac in both) seem accurate and clear to me:

Once you have the screenshot, you will need to CROP it and RESIZE it. For the Zoho page layout, please make the width 700 pixels or LESS. The height is not important in this case if the width is correct.

> How to crop and resize the image.

If you do not have Photoshop on your own computer, then GO TO A LAB. You can use any CIRCA lab on campus — you are not limited to using Weimer labs. Every lab on campus has Photoshop installed.


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