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Audio Test

10 Oct 2008

Here is some embedded audio:

I found out how to do this via the following Google search:

embed audio

… which led me to this page: How do I get music on my blog? (Tells you all you need to know.)

You can upload MP3 files to your Plaza account, although you will rapidly run out of space there.

If you do not know how to FTP, here is a tutorial.


Learn how to use the Zoom H2

1 Oct 2008

The Zoom H2 recorder is a powerful device with a lot of features.

I expect you to monitor your audio carefully, wearing headphones, whenever you use it. NO MORE TOO-QUIET AUDIO!! For Project 1, a lot of you had audio that should have been recorded at a higher level (thus louder).

There are short HOW-TO VIDEOS for the H2 linked at the bottom of this page.

Also, a newspaper reporter made this video to train his reporter colleagues. It’s good!

You can download the complete user manual for the H2. It’s a PDF file, 2.2 MB. You could print it, or just refer to it on your computer.

TEACHING YOURSELF to get GOOD AUDIO with the device you are given is part of the job. So don’t act helpless. I know I did not teach you about the features of the recorder — I didn’t because no one on the job is going to teach you either.

TEST your equipment (and the resulting FILES, in Audacity) BEFORE you go out into the field to get the real thing. Ensure that you know how to get a good result by doing advance work.

Always carry SPARE BATTERIES!!

Your SD card holds 4GB. That should be enough for any normal interviewing and gathering of natural sound.